MSOR Connections Autumn 2011 Vol 11 No 3

Cover ImageWelcome to this special issue of MSOR Connections, themed around work undertaken as part of the National HE STEM Programme. This includes work organised by the Network under the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation Project and work organised by other HE STEM partners.

In a break with tradition for Connections, work is reported in sections. The first contains an account of our HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit and work which addresses the recommendations for curriculum development made by that Summit. The remainder of the articles are arranged according to several areas of activity: graduate skills; employer engagement; mathematical thinking; technology; inclusive curricula; engineering maths; outreach and widening participation through schools and colleges.

As well as full articles and short reports, throughout this issue ‘Projects in brief’ give a hint of the wide range of work in mathematics supported by the National HE STEM Programme. For a full list of supported activity in mathematics and the rest of STEM see www.hestem.ac.uk.

I hope that you will find the articles informative and thought provoking. Two key aims of the National HE STEM Programme are long term, sustainable change and community-building. With these in mind, I encourage you to consider adopting the ideas reported in these articles and to contact me or the authors if you would like to discuss or ask for further information on anything you read.

Peter Rowlett, HE Curriculum Innovation Officer

The whole newsletter can be downloaded here.

Vol Num Title Abstract Authors Filename
11 3 Developing Graduate Skills in HE Mathematics Programmes This project had three principal aims: 1. To capture examples of what is currently being done... Jeff Waldock View PDF
11 3 London Metropolitan University Industrial Panel As part of the employer engagement theme within the National HE STEM Programme, the Institute of... Makhan Singh View PDF
11 3 Supporting Undergraduate Engagement & Achievement in STEM Disciplines This project aims to encourage engagement in STEM Higher Education through the development of an...
Alexandra Shukie
Dave Kiddell
Nigel Thomson
Melissa Conlon
View PDF
11 3 Have You Seen This? Maths ambassador video competition The Maths Careers website (www.mathscareers.org.uk) has launched a competition for undergraduate... Peter Rowlett View PDF
11 3 Lecture capture technology – technically possible, but can it be used effectively? It is now fairly straightforward to capture live lecture content for later distribution. This may... Peter Rowlett View PDF
11 3 Views of HE curriculum from ‘Young Researchers in Mathematics’ At the Young Researchers in Mathematics 2011 Conference [1] on 14th March 2011 at the University of... Peter Rowlett View PDF
11 3 Call for applications: Curriculum Innovation Travel Grants Although we decided the suggestion of staff teaching classes at other universities was too complex... Peter Rowlett View PDF
11 3 Acting on recommendations from the HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit The Mathematics HE Summit took place at the University of Birmingham on 12 January 2011, organised... Peter Rowlett View PDF
11 3 A Pilot for a Shared Online Statistics Advisory Service Statistics Advisory Services (SASs) have recently been established at several UK HE institutions [1...
Alun Owen
Peter Samuels
Michèle Wrightham
Bernadette Leckenby
Mollie Gilchrist
View PDF
11 3 Student mathematical modelling workshops as preparation for study groups with industry Study groups with industry are organised on a regular basis on all continents. In the European...
Stephen O’Brien
Joanna Mason
Jean Charpin
Martina O’Sullivan
View PDF
11 3 Mathematical modelling study group During the final year of my combined honours degree in Mathematics and Computing at Manchester... Ben Nuttall View PDF
11 3 Workshop report: ‘Ideas Exchange: HE Mathematics Curriculum Innovation’ At the end of another long academic year, when one might expect academics to be thinking only of... Tony Mann View PDF
11 3 Mathematical Sciences Strand Outreach Work The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) outreach work for the National HE STEM... Hazel Lewis View PDF
11 3 Engineering Students Understanding Mathematics (ESUM) ESUM (Engineering Students Understanding Mathematics) is a developmental research project at a UK...
Barbara Jaworski
Janette Matthews
Carol Robinson
Tony Croft
View PDF
11 3 Teaching Students To Write Mathematics. A DVD produced and edited by Kevin Houston. Students don’t write mathematics correctly. They throw down a mess of symbols with the answer... Kevin Houston View PDF
11 3 Supporting progression in mathematics education This project involved the creation of a final year project framework based on mathematics pedagogy... James Hind View PDF
11 3 Internet Librarian and Curator for Mathematics Videos The volume of instructional mathematical videos now on the internet is bewilderingly large (a... Trevor Hawkes View PDF
11 3 Enhancing the communication and speaking skills of mathematics undergraduates In June 2011, Lancaster University delivered a substantially enhanced course in Communication and... James Groves View PDF
11 3 Development and integration of computer-aided assessment of discrete mathematics The principal aims of this project were to exploit and extend existing computer-aided assessments (...
Martin Greenhow
Kinga Zaczek
Abdulrahman Kamavi
View PDF
11 3 The National HE STEM Programme The National HE STEM Programme supports Higher Education Institutions in the exploration of new... Alex Fenlon View PDF